How is maple sugar made?

How Real Maple Sugar is made?

Collecting Maple SapMaple Sugar begins as sap in a maple tree. The sap is harvested in the spring when temperatures rise into the 40s during the day and cool off into the 20s at night. It takes a very special place for the conditions to be just right.

The sugaring season, as it is called, begins in late February in Southern New England and ends in late April in the North Country. The season usually lasts about a month, but it can be extended if the weather is right.

Many gallons of sap are needed to make just one gallon of maple syrup. Each gallon of syrup can make approximately 8 pounds of sugar. It can take about 16-20 gallons of sap, depending on how much maple sugar there is in the sap, for each pound of sugar!

maple sugar evaporatorIn the sugar house, sap is systematically poured into an evaporator (pictured here). Maple sugar evaporators are specially designed to ‘boil off’ hundreds of gallons of water very quickly and so the sap is concentrated into maple syrup using a maple sugar evaporator.

Later, typically at the end of the season, the syrup is then heated to 50° above the boiling point of water. The syrup is then mixed until it begins to granulate. This gives off a tremendous amount of heat! The sugar is then sifted to remove any non-granulated crystals and is carefully packaged into bulk containers ready for shipment or into smaller containers.

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