Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Real Maple Sugar

Believe it or not, maple sugar is a very healthy food. Studies1 show that maple syrup (which is made from maple sugar) contains key trace minerals which are needed by the body. Some are found no where else! Here are some of the ways that real maple sugar is healthy for you:


  • It is a 100% natural. There is no way to alter it
  • Maple Sugar is three times as sweet as cane sugar, AND it has few calories!
  • Maple Sugar is 100% pure. No reduction, processing or removal of anything.
  • Maple Sugar contains manganese and zinc, natural antioxidents which are good for your immune system, male reproductive systems and helps prevent damage to the heart.

Maple sugar has the following nutrative properties:

  • Sucrose 88-96%
  • Hexoses 4-12%
  • Trace Organic Acids
  • Trace Minerals
  • Trace Vitamins